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2009-11-15 00:00:00-05:00

Announcing the Release of BFG 1.1

repoze.bfg 1.1 has been released. You can install it via:

easy_install -i http://dist.repoze.org/bfg/current/simple repoze.bfg

Or via PyPI.

The "What's New In repoze.bfg 1.1" document details the changes made since the 1.0 release: http://docs.repoze.org/bfg/1.1/whatsnew-1.1.html

The docs at http://docs.repoze.org/bfg/1.1 have been updated.

The changelog from the prior 1.1b4 release follows:

1.1 (2009-11-15)


  • Remove dead IRouteRequirement interface from repoze.bfg.zcml



  • Improve the "Extending an Existing Application" narrative chapter.
  • Add more sections to the "Defending Design" chapter.

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