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2010-02-24 00:00:00-05:00

PyCon 2010: repoze.bfg Sprinting

Folks have been sprinting here at PyCon this week on a number of repoze-related projects:

BFG Cookbook

Andrew Sawyers, Chris Shenton, Shane Hathaway, and Reed O'Brien worked on an example "BFG Cookbook" application, intended to run in the Google App Engine cloud. They succeeded in indirecting the storage of the recipe entries, with working backends based on the GAE Big Table API, ZODB, Mongo, and an in-memory (nonpersistent) storage.

Code for the project is available on bitbucket:


BFG without Z's

Reed also worked on re-doing the Mongo-based URL shortener he wrote at last year's sprint, this time using the Ming bindings. He is working to have an example which uses none of the zope.* packaages, in order to show how BFG can be used in a variety of ways.

Chris McDonough and Chris Rossi have been sprinting with the Pylons and TurboGears folks on a package code-named "Marco." Marco moves some of the dispatching logic of BFG down into a package intended to be useful as the basis for a version of Pylons: if it succeeds, Pylons and BFG would become "personality" layers on top of the shared Marco library.

CMS Architecture

Tres Seaver has been working on a CMS architecture which he has been mulling for a long while now, code-named "Bonzai". The architecture decouples "asset repositories" from the "site layout" applications which consume them, imposing a RESTy service layer between the two.

Sprint Humor

In reaction to the perhaps overly cute mascots adopted by a certain other nameless framework, the BFG sprint team has adopted the "flying" or "war" pig as a mascot (not the cute Porky type, but a real tusker!).


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