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WSGI Training at Plone Symposime East, 25 May 2010

Agendaless will be doing a WSGI training at Penn State's Business College on the third tutorial day of the PSE conference

Moonshining: Making WSGI for Fun and Profit


The Python web development world has adopted on WSGI as an interoperability standard for Python web servers, applications, and middleware components. This tutorial examines that specification in detail, and shows practical examples of using WSGI to improve development productivity, integrate applications, and solve various deployment problems.


  • PEP 333: the WSGI spec
  • Using "stock" WSGI tools
    • paster
    • mod_wsgi
  • Extending the WSGI application
    • middleware
    • paste templates
    • paster configuration
  • Practical applications
    • Debugging errors with WSGI
    • Profiling / instrumenting a WSGI application
    • Unified authentication via repoze.who
    • Unified skinning via Deliverance


One day.


$150 per student. Includes a copy of the 'repoze.bfg' book.

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