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2007-10-25 00:00:00-05:00

Screencast 1: Installing Repoze

Want to watch how to get started with Repoze? 7.5 Mb, 3m33s of viewing, and a fairly recent QuickTime installation is all you need for Screencast 1: Installing Repoze.

This screencast shows:

  • Snipping the right commands from the Repoze site
  • Using easy_install to get a repozeproject script
  • Running repozeproject to produce a Paste-driven, WSGI/virtualenv Zope2/Plone install. (To paraphrase Team America, Hell Yeh!.)
  • Using the easy_install in your virtual Python to add Deliverance.

Notes and caveats:

  • Sure, I should write a bit more material on this. I plan to, honest. I know some folks (see Geir, I'm listening to you!) prefer reading and static images to movies. I'd like to produce a guide that combines both. But no need to hold this up until perfection arrives.
  • Not a lot of titling. I decided to try dumping Camtasia Studio, which meant authoring on Windows. Instead, I used a Mac toolchain: iShowU -> iMovie 08. Let's just say the Steve giveth and the Steve taketh away. Perhaps I'll brush things up later.
  • My plan is to have a series of screencasts (and text) that show how to really-really move theming out of Plone and into Deliverance. Not just replace what Plone does, but instead, make a Plone skin that doesn't do it in the first place.

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