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2007-10-20 00:00:00-05:00

Announcement: repoze.project 0.0.2 Released

What is repoze.project?

repoze.project is a Python distribution which installs a script, repozeprojectct, into your Python environment. Ths intent of the script is to make it simple to create a new repoze application deployment environment, in somewhat the same manner as zopeproject does for Zope3, and as grokproject does for Grok applications.

However, rather than using Jim Fulton's zc.buildout to drive the creation of a new environment, we chose to use Ian Bicking's virtualenv, because we like the concept of "standalone" environments with custom software in their own site-packages directories.

Trying it Out

As the version number implies, this is a pretty early version of the repoze.project. Neverthless, the package does enable the following method of installing Plone-under-repoze:

 $ bin/easy_install -i http://dist.repoze.org/simple/ \



 $ bin/repozeproject --target-path=/tmp/ptest repoze.plone

One caveat about the example: the repoze.plone project has not yet been updated to add the entry point which repoze.project looks for when initizlizing the environment.

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