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2008-03-05 00:00:00-05:00

Repozecast Number 1

Zopecast is dead, long live Repozecast ...

For several years now, we've been making and releasing podcasts that we've referred to as Zopecasts when we felt like it. The last few we've made have been more about Repoze than they've been about Zope, so we've decided to retitle the every-so-often podcast we do as "Repozecast".

The inaugural episode (mp3) is now up. It contains ramblings about Repoze and how it relates to:

  • The past Plone Strategic Planning Summit
  • The upcoming Plone Symposium East
  • The upcoming Python conference
  • Recent Zope/Plone/Python user group talks
  • New Repoze committers
  • New repoze.* packages
  • Buildout for repoze.plone
  • Deliverance



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