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2008-06-05 00:00:00-05:00

Six Months of Repoze

Repoze is now roughly six months old and it's a pretty good time for some self-analysis. What have we done? What are we doing? What do we want to do?

What have we done?
  • We've reimplemented the Zope 2 publisher, so Zope 2 applications such as Plone can be run without modification within a WSGI environment
  • We've successfully externalized features Zope such as transaction management, conflict error retry, virtual hosting services, and identification and authentication, error logging, and profiling into WSGI middleware, so they can be reused outside the Zope stack in a way that's largely familiar to Zope and non-Zope users alike.
  • We've packaged up Plone, Grok, Trac, and Django so they can be used without much effort in a Repoze WSGI environment.
  • We've created bridges to traditionally-CGI applications like Mailman so they can be served up via WSGI servers.
  • We've created applications like repoze.kiss, which are "Zope-like", but do not use any ZODB.
  • We've evangelized Deliverance as a theming mechanism.
  • We've reached out to other Python web projects like TurboGears, Pylons, and Django, attempting to reuse some of their components, and we've made them aware of ours.
  • We've given many, many talks at Zope/Plone/Python user groups and conferences, attempting to bring more folks into the fold
  • We've created buildouts using zc.buildout for Plone and Trac.
What are we doing?
  • We're playing around with exernalizing declarative security, so we can better integrate dissimilar WSGI applications using the same security model.
  • We're attempting to create alternate sessioning components for use under WSGI stacks.
  • We're working Repoze into our (Agendaless') own customer deployments
What we intend to do
  • We intend to do more evangelism via presenting to Python/Zope/Plone user groups and conferences.
  • We intend to reach out more to other web projects by helping them integrate Repoze code into their own projects.
  • We intend to push for Plone (and possibly Zope 2) to base a release on Repoze technologies.
Where we need help

We need help a) evangelizing, b) bringing things to ground and c) maintaining our various web presences. On the evangelism front, we need Python folks to understand that Repoze is not just about Zope, instead it's a generically useful set of WSGI components inspired by features of Zope. We need to get Zope people excited about a future that allows them to make use of best-of-breed components created by Python web developers that are not Zope developers. We need to get Python folks excited about the fact that the Zope community is reaching out to the larger Python web development community by making it possible for them to use components that Zope folks have been using for years without knowing anything whatsoever about Zope itself. We need to improve Deliverance's conditional theming support. We need Zope and Plone folks to start using repoze.zope2 and Deliverance "in anger" to start to bring things to ground. We need help maintaining repoze.org, mainly to keep content fresh. We need more developers to start contributing code to the Repoze repository.

If you want to help doing any of these things, please join the repoze-dev maillist and the #repoze IRC channel on freenode.net, and yell!


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