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2009-06-04 00:00:00-05:00

repoze.urchin 0.1 release

I just whipped up a tiny bit of middleware for OSI's version of the KARL project: they needed to put markup for Google Analytics into each page served. We wanted to avoid adding anything to the core KARL software which imposed such a policy on other users of KARL; we might have added it via the "customization package" for OSI, but it would have still required changing the core software in ways that seemed too invasive.

This seemed like a natural use for WSGI middleware, which could intercept the outbound respond and add the additional markup, without requiring any changes to the application. It turns out that the implementation is simple, cheap and generic: it would be useful for any WSGI-based deployment which wants to use Google Analytics.

So, I released it to the Cheeseshop, with the minimal docs also served from there.


- Tres Seaver

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